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Web Design at the turn of the century

This article introduces a brief timeline of the way websites and the designing of one had continued to evolve as the internet is now 30 years old. Millions upon millions of websites have popped up since then and yet these websites would have their beginnings similar to each other due to the technology of creating website being similar as there was never a new and improved way of creating a websites other than softwares that allowed you to create them using coding. For this article, the years that will be explored will be between the years of 2000 all the way to the year 2005. This brief history walkthrough should provide the significant changes in web designs that were otherwise incredibly positive to the evolution.

During this time, websites were beginning to become more creative with various softwares such as Table, JavaScript and Flash allowing for a range of options like simple structuring to elaborate animations that helped to make a website pop out. However, websites were still created using coding and a user would need a rudimentary education on how to even begin creating a functioning website. It was during this time, online softwares began appearing that allows a user to create a website without needing to know coding by placing a template and allowing their own algorithm to create the website that they want based on the preferences that they have made. With this at the year 2003, websites began to become increasingly variant and designed in various ways. It was also during this time that online companies began popping up to become the most visited online environments as well help to cultivate an ecosystem. Sites like Reddit and YouTube were launched which gave future sites a template in how sites with specific functions could be designed.