Virgo Analyzing and Criticizing Creative Art, Service, and the 6th House – I Learned This The Hard Wa

Virgo is profoundly important in the scheme of… everything, but Virgo rules the 6th house astrology which is beneath the horizon. And this means that Virgo works should be done behind the scenes, before something (crosses the horizon) and become public.

Now if there is a problem with something that is already public, then Virgo should try to fix it… to HELP which is Virgo’s job but this should be done behind the scenes and let me tell you, I learned this the hard way.

About ten years ago I upgraded my astrology software. I was upgrading from DOS to a Windows version of the same program, so this was awhile ago. More than ten years.

So I bought the upgrade and these programs were expensive. So you may imagine how upset when I received the upgrade, installed it and found what I maintain to this day was a SCREAMING flaw. It was a flaw so bad I thought the whole software unusable for my purposes. It was just awful… this was my perspective.

So I figured I was wholly screwed. There was nothing I could do because the software was non-returnable, or at least it was at the time. So de-installed the thing went back to the DOS version (which I was thrilled with) and decided the least I could do is warn others.

Now back then there was really only one astrology mailing list and I used to post to it all the time, several times a day. And astrology software was routinely discussed so I thought nothing of posting to say… whatever you do, do not buy this upgrade because it SUCKS!!

I went to sleep that night and boy I almost fainted when I woke in the morning to several scathing mails… he called me “a sick and malevolent bitch”, from the author of the software. I was stunned, because I am neither sick nor malevolent… and I immediately burst into tears.

Long story short, fact is when I posted this negative review, I killed that guy’s business. He had been working on this upgrade… trying to make a living and his customer base was who? It was astrologers who used computers and guess who was on this list? Virtually every customer or potential customer he had. ::wince:: Think I messed him up?

Well I’m sorry for that. And believe it not… well at the time this was just horribly ugly. It was so bad for me, I puked! The software was returned, my money refunded, the mail (from the user) was devastating… and me? Well I was hiding under the bed by then. I just could not handle this guy’s knife. You know how you have to get a thick skin to be on the internet? Well I didn’t have a thick skin. I had a thin skin, but anyway this story has a good ending.

Several years passed and I was still using this DOS program. But eventually I wanted to be able to email a chart which was impossible for DOS so I needed to upgrade, so now what.

I couldn’t just go buy a different brand. I have YEARS of birth data entered, so I decided to write the author.

“I am very sorry to bother you… I know you don’t want to hear from me, but I have to upgrade my software now and if you will not sell to me, I will have to buy from someone else and if I buy from someone else, I will have to go on the list and ask if anyone knows how to transfer my data…”